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A cute site with colorful graphics, celebrating the charm of 1950s B-movie monsters.

Database and "classified ads" for toy collectors. A great resource for information and selling/trading.

Enthusiastic monster fan site with great graphics and feature articles. The site that glows in the dark!

Source for Japanese Godzilla toys. The name means "little Godzilla toys." Worth looking at even if you don't want to buy anything. The dealer, "Goji Girl," put a lot of creativity into this site.

Source for Japanese anime toys. Run by Goji Girl's daughter. The same look as Chibi Goji Toys, but the products offered are aimed more at children than adult collectors.

Photo gallery of Universal Studios monsters, plus a few non-Universal characters.

Death rock guitar players will want to check out this commercial site selling deluxe coffin-shaped guitar cases. If I were a guitar player, I'd buy one. But alas, I play synthesizers.

A fantastic roster of the world's most amazing action figures, including many you have surely never seen before.

Updated news on the latest monster collectibles.

The actor known for his sinister roles in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Casablanca, among many other classics.

The history of advertising toys. Top-notch presentation. Includes the monster cereal characters.

Dealer site specializing in hard-to-find horror/sci-fi videos, DVDs and CDs. Also home to the Monster Bash convention site.

Loads of information on the study of unknown animals. A great resource for monster hunters. Pack a lunch, clean the binoculars, and hit the trail. Make sure the camera's loaded!

Dealer in contemporary "retro" toys, specializing in monsters and science fiction.

The  random thoughts of Max Cheney, a moderator at the Universal Monster Army. For reasons too complex to explain, Max is known as the "drunken severed head." Not many people would marry a voodoo queen on Halloween, but Max did.  See what's on his disembodied mind.

Anyone looking for monster toys should try searching eBay, the popular online auction service. Whatever you are looking for, it will eventually turn up here. Whether you will be able to afford it is another matter.

The beat poet of monster movies. PULL THE STRINGS!

A comprehensive list of virtually every television horror host since the 50's. Lists host's name, show title, TV station, and other information. Many listings describe the host's persona and the show's opening sequence.

Authorized by Forry himself, and a true valentine to everyone who has every picked up an issue of Famous Monsters. The site is designed to simulate the experience of visiting Forry's home, the famous "Ackermansion." Several "rooms" to look at, lots of pictures and info, including updates on Forry's ongoing courtroom adventures.

A personal home page by Kyra Schon, who played little Karen in the original Night Of The Living Dead.

An internet-based vintage toy store specializing in monster toys, space toys, robots and 50's pin-up memorabilia.

Museum of modern-era vinyl Godzilla toys from Bandai and other companies. Each time you click a link to see a photo, you will hear Godzilla roar.

Big site dedicated to figure kit modeling. Covers plastic, resin, and vinyl kits based on sci-fi, horror, movies, and animation. Many pages, tons of links, how-to articles, interviews, images, and reviews of kits.

Tribute to the early 70's cartoon about hip monsters. Includes the lyrics to the theme song, a synopsis of the show, and names of characters.

Guide to haunted house amusement attractions all over the country. Clickable map of the USA links to homepages for each individual haunted house.

A new startup channel that promises to deliver round the clock horror programming.

Strange site created by a strange girl named Aine - don't ask her for a last name. It's just Aine. She interviews obscure horror actors and follows them to public appearances. She's not stalking them. She's just, well...ok, maybe she is stalking them, but they don't seem to mind. She's waiting for you to visit her site, so get going.

General forum for news and discussion of modern horror movies, including films in production, DVDs and recent theatrical releases.

Another great Famous Monsters-style web magazine with quality articles and interviews.

A how-to page with many fun Halloween craft projects.  But be careful if you somehow find your way to Kim's corpse page, with photos of real corpses. The two sites are for different audiences.

Authoritative site created by a recognized scholar on the life and career of the Man Of A Thousand Faces.

Ambitious site under new ownership, seeking to become the nerve center of the Mego collecting universe. Includes good write-ups and photo galleries of non-Mego toys such as the AHI, Lincoln and Tomland monsters.

Authoritative site dedicated to the world of Mego toys (including the Mad Monsters). Lots of history, photos, a forum and a sense of humor.

Smart-looking site created by film actor Mel Welles (The Little Shop of Horrors). Bach organ music greets the visitor as candles flicker. Contains information on Welles' career as an actor, voice artist, producer, director, and film consultant. Great graphics and interesting content.

Catalog of monster card sets such as You'll Die Laughing and Mars Attacks.

A source for news updates on the world of horror movies, television and collectibles.

A colorful cavalcade of classic creepy covers from horror mags of the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Dealer site specializing in monster collectibles, especially Sideshow Toys products.

Stoner's Monster Mayhem is a quarterly magazine in the tradition of Famous Monsters. This site includes an online newsletter, plus pages devoted to The Munsters, Lost In Space, and classic monster photos.

A respected magazine in the tradition of Famous Monsters of Filmland devoted to the appreciation of classic monsters. The site lists contents of present and past issues and provides ordering information.

Site dedicated to monster-maker, gorilla impersonator, and movie super-collector, Bob Burns. Includes a list of his film and television credits.

Collectible toys and vintage model kits for sale.

Nice introductory site on wicca, spells, and various witchcraft resources.

Resources for the toy enthusiast. Up to date information and exclusive photos. One of the best toy sites.

A great UK robot and battery-operated toy dealer and information site.

Hard to describe this unusual site. A kaleidoscope of retro memories, including vintage toys, comic book ads, old Halloween photos, and clever cartoon shorts that follow the bittersweet adventures of a monster kid. Be sure to check out the FLIP DVD, a must-have for monster kids.

Not a toy site, but you'll find advertisements for a lot of neat toys from the 60's and 70's. Remember the Vampire Bat, Monster Ghost, or the 7-foot Frankenstein poster? You'll find the original comic book advertisements for these and many other larger-than-life novelties displayed here.

Mish-mash of horror, kitsch and a love for monsters. Includes reviews of toys, movies and haunted places.

A meticulous history of toy ray guns from the 30's to the present. Lots of photos and solid information. Very imaginative and professional in its layout and design. Well-written text. A classy website. Zzzaap!

A slideshow-style presentation with lots of pictures of Richard Olson's fabulous collection of monster memorabilia.

An independent television show investigating conspiracies and strange mysteries. Describes itself as a "punk 60 Minutes" or "reality show meets X Files."

A very active and enthusiastic discussion group devoted to monster toy appreciation. This army seeks to conquer the monster world.

Information and several rare photos of the original television horror host, Vampira.

Source for Halloween-style vampire and goth outfits.

Inventive layout. Info on Matt Mason, ThingMaker, and Strange Change Machine.

Great collection of Telco Motion-ettes on display out of their boxes, including different variations.

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